• Question: how would you describe yourself in three words

    Asked by ZoeR17 on 21 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Rosalind Franklin

      Rosalind Franklin answered on 21 Nov 2018:

      Well, as I said in my interview, “intelligent, thorough, francophile”. But if you want a different three, then I’d offer “conscientious, determined, careful.”

    • Photo: Ada Lovelace

      Ada Lovelace answered on 21 Nov 2018:

      inspiring, creative, fun

    • Photo: Mary Somerville

      Mary Somerville answered on 21 Nov 2018:

      Curious (I just wanted to learn and understand so much)
      Diligent (I spent a long time learning things and asking questions, as well as trying to work out how things fit together)
      Doubtful (Considering my background, I didn’t really believe I could achieve so much, but other people really encouraged me)

    • Photo: Thomas Telford

      Thomas Telford answered on 21 Nov 2018:

      Ambitious, Intelligent and Ingenious

    • Photo: Francis Crick

      Francis Crick answered on 21 Nov 2018:

      Curious, intelligent and someone who strivies for excellence in all the work I do.

    • Photo: Peter Medawar

      Peter Medawar answered on 22 Nov 2018:

      science, laughter, cricket; three of my favourite things!

    • Photo: Nicholas Shackleton

      Nicholas Shackleton answered on 22 Nov 2018:

      Quiet, thoughtful, kind

    • Photo: Godfrey Harold Hardy

      Godfrey Harold Hardy answered on 22 Nov 2018:

      Unconventional, awkward, bold.

    • Photo: Aneurin Bevan

      Aneurin Bevan answered on 26 Nov 2018: last edited 26 Nov 2018 1:55 pm

      tenacious, driven, and determined.

      I think because I had such a hard time at school with my stammer it made me the person I was, which then suited my role as the health minister trying to pass the national health service acts through parliament.

    • Photo: Stephen Hawking

      Stephen Hawking answered on 27 Nov 2018:

      Charming, Charismatic, Clever

      I doubt that is what Stephen would actually say though, I imagine he would say something profound and hilarious. They’re just the three words I associate with him 🙂

    • Photo: Dorothy Hodgkin

      Dorothy Hodgkin answered on 28 Nov 2018:

      Passionate, determined, activist